Zinc Sulphate

CAS No: 7733-02-0
Formula : ZnSO4, ZnSO4.6H2O
Molar mass:
  • 151.908 g/mol(Anhydrous)
  • 287.53 g/mol(Heptahydrate)
IUPAC ID: Zinc sulphate
Grade: Tech/LR/AR/IP/BP/USP
Packing size: 25 kg

Zinc sulfate (ZnSO4) is a colorless crystalline, water-soluble chemical compound. The hydrated form, ZnSO4. 7H2O, the mineral goslarite.

Anhydrous Zinc sulphate is a colorless crystalline solid. Zinc sulphate is also obtained as a hexahydrate, ZnSO4.6H2O, and as a heptahydrate ZnSO4.7H2O. All forms are soluble in water.

All are noncombustible. Zinc sulphate is used in the production of rayon, as a feed supplement, and as a fertilizer ingredient.

Applications :

It can be use as convergence preservatives: as eye drops, can be used for the treatment of conjunctivitis, trachoma, nasal blepharitis and so on.

Oral stimulation of gastric mucosa can cause reflex vomiting. It can be used as emetic drug, now less used.
It can be used for the treatment of zinc deficiency: zinc is the ingredient of many important enzymes in vivo such as carbonic anhydrase and alkaline phosphatase, being an indispensable trace element in the human body. Supplementation of zinc can be used for treating zinc deficiency such as dwarfism, acral dermatitis and zinc deficiency caused by long-term vein nutritional deficiency and so on.
It can be used for the treatment of zinc deficiency related diseases: such as acne vulgaris, skin ulcers (venous, arterial, leprosy), psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, chronic eczema, oral ulcers, hair loss and smell taste disorders.

It can be used as mordant for printing and dyeing, wood preservative, bleaching agent for papermaking, also used in medicine, artificial fiber, electrolysis, electroplating, and pesticide as well as zinc salt production.

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