Copper Sulphate

CAS No: 7720-78-7
Formula : CuSO4,CuSO4.5H2O
Molar mass:
  • 159.609 g/mol(Anhydrous)
  • 249.685.02 g/mol (pentahydrate)
IUPAC ID: Copper (II) sulphate
Grade: Tech/LR/AR/IP/BP/USP
Packing size: 25 kg

Blue crystalline granules or powder. Melting point 110°C (with decomposition). Non-combustible. Nauseating metallic taste. Odorless. White when dehydrated.
Ferrous Sulphate is a greenish or yellow-brown crystalline solid. Density 15.0 lb /gal. Melts at 64°C and loses the seven waters of hydration at 90°C. The primary hazard is the threat to the environment. Immediate steps should be taken to limit its spread to the environment. Used for water or sewage treatment, as a fertilizer ingredient.

Applications :

Anhydrous salt for detecting and removing trace amounts of water from alcohols and other organic Compounds; as fungicide. Pentahydrate as agricultural fungicide, algicide, bactericide, herbicide; food and fertilizer additive; in insecticide mixtures; in manufacture of other Cu salts; as mordant in textile dyeing; in preparation of azo dyes; in preserving hides; in tanning leather; in preserving wood; in electroplating solutions; as battery electrolyte; in laundry and metal-marking inks; in petroleum refining; as flotation agent; pigment in paints, varnishes and other materials; in mordant baths for intensifying photographic negatives; in pyrotechnic compositions; in water-resistant adhesives for wood; in metal coloring and tinting baths; in antirusting compositions for radiator and heating systems; as reagent toner in photography and photoengraving; etc.

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