Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil has a woodsy, floral aroma. It blends well with most other essential oils. It is a must-have essential oil and deserves to be at the top of any “most versatile essential oils” list. Lavender essential oil promotes relaxation, can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and is an excellent sleep aid. Lavender also promotes well-being and tranquility. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory and can aid in relieving aches and pains. Lavenderessential oil is excellent for the skin and can treat eczema, rashes, bug bites, cuts, acne, plus much more.

Packing size :

Glass Bottles :Sizes Available : 8 ml (Roll on), 10 ml (Roll on & Stick), 15 & 30 ml Amber Glass with Dropper etc

Plastic Pet Bottles : Sizes Available : 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml etc

Aluminum Bottles : Sizes Available : 10 ml, 25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1Kg, 5Kg and 10Kg etc

HDPE Drums : Sizes Available : 5 kg, 10 Kg, 20 Kg, 25 Kg, 50 kg, 200 kg etc

STEEL & GI Drums : Sizes Available : 20 Kg, 25 Kg, 40kg, 200k g etc

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